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SUKEN was established in 1990 by the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan to provide an independent mathematics achievement and accreditation standard from primary through post-secondary skill levels.


Designed as an adjunct to periodic government sponsored exams, Suken testing is modeled annually and administered freely to meet the needs of examiners and examinees. It provides greater continuity across a broader range of skill levels, and features more challenging material than typical compulsory exams.


With the acknowledged high standard of competency it confers, Suken accreditation has earned wide recognition throughout the academic, professional, and business communities in Japan. Annual participation has increased steadily to 316,000 examinees and more than 12,500 educational organizations. In addition, Suken has now gained a devoted following in countries including Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and USA.


As the U.S. and other nations face declining math scores and competencies, Suken sees a need to expand its reach by developing a global mathematics certification standard. Our aim is to promote excellence worldwide as the preeminent accreditation standard for primary and secondary education.


Those awarded Suken certification demonstrate a recognized level of achievement reflecting an acknowledged standard for gauging and promoting success. With our evaluation system gaining international acclaim among educators, Suken is positioned to play an increasingly important role in promoting mathematics achievement in the competitive world marketplace.


By applying what we have learned over the past 20 years, we stand to make a meaningful and far-reaching difference that supports the proven value of a strong mathematical education.


Shizumi Shimizu
- Chairman of The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan
- Chairman, Japan Society of Mathematical Education
- Professor Teikyo University, Japan